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Smile Kid
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Friday, May 6, 2011

'I could die happy if I could just...'!

Everyone has that one thing that they claim if they completed or acquired or experienced, they would be able to die a happy man/woman.

What if your life aspiration was meet Michael Jackson then he died? Would you then die miserably because you didn't get to meet the 'Pop sensation'?

What if you just wanted a Twinkie and you lived in Australia so it wasn't possible to acquire a Twinky unless you ordered it online? I'm one of those people, ever since seeing Zombie land I have really wanted to try a Twinky. But I wouldn't go as far as saying 'I would kill for a Twinky'. I mean, maybe I'd kill a few zombies for one because they are already dead, so they don't really count but they also don't exist.

If I were in an American supermarket and there was one box of Twinkies on the shelf and the other person had took it, I would leave them to.
Except, maybe if they appeared to be a kind, approachable person, I would ask them super nicely if they would consider...hang on. Do Twinkies come in boxes or are they sold individually?

Oh gosh, I just had an incredible idea.
If you live somewhere where you have access to Twinkies, and you are a really really kind person with a huge heart who would consider sending me a Twinkie in the mail, could you please contact me? (I will pay you).

'I could die happy if I could just get through this afternoon without hearing one single mentioning of Osama'.

So the person whom said this wouldn't mind carking it that evening as long as they hadn't heard someone say Osama?

I know that these things are not meant to be taken literally but honestly, it irritates me to hear such utter nonsense.
It makes me feel like confronting them in a sarcastic tone.  Note; I could have just said that I feel like ripping their throat out but I didn't because I'm not obliged to say anything I wouldn't seriously consider doing. Ripping someones throat out would be gory, disgusting, immoral, and MURDER. Not to mention that it'd be terrible to clean up.

I think people should say what they mean and mean what they say.