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Friday, March 18, 2011


Going to the Cinemas can be a great escape from life. You pay to sit there, in a dark air-conditioned room in front of a huge screen and watch a movie. As soon as you sit down, all the realities of your life evade your thoughts and for 2 hours, you are a different person. You aren't thinking about your life problems anymore, you are in the movie.

The beauty of movie's is that, it's not real life, they're just actors. Yet these actors can evoke so many emotions in us.
Empathy, happiness, sadness, wonder, suspense, disgust, confusion, excitement, fear, and so much else.

If you're going through a tough time, watch a horror movie. The realisation of how blessed you are to have all 20 of your digits, not be possessed by some demon and not have a dead baby sitter in your closet will give you a much more optimistic outlook on life!

If you just had a really difficult break up from a serious relationship, watch a romance. All the kissing and love will help you to relive the romantic moments of your dead relationship and make you feel so much better!

Movies have a different impact on each person depending on their memories, experiences, values, personality and where they are in life. With so many movies out their, there is something for everyone. And what better way to enjoy whatever type of movie it is that you like then to see it in a cinema?

Some may argue that they can get a experience just as good in their own home or that it's highly over-priced, but I'm saying that it is entirely worth it. If people went to the cinema's at least once a month the percentage of stress would decrease a little, and people would be happier.

I don't know if a study has been done on this, I don't have any proof, but this is just my idea, and I bet you one hundred horses (let's pretend just for the purpose of this statement that we're all Indians and horses are our currency, and that I have one hundred horses) that I am right.

Cinemas make people happy. :)


  1. I don't go to the movies very often but when I do I enjoy it. I don't like to watch sad movies when I'm out because I always cry!
    The last movie I went to see was Avatar and that was so worth every penny. I loved it. That just would not be the same watching it at home. Some movies deserve a trip to the theater!!

  2. Whenever I feel down, I watch Legend of the Gaurdians. (But you already know that) It's so happy. :) <3 Imma watch it right now! :D

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