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Monday, July 25, 2011

Have you ever....?

Have you ever heard someone exlaim 'wow' from a toilet?

I have.

It was because they were sitting in the dark and the light suddenly flashed on after having been busted for a week.

Have you ever sat on the side of a road with a box on your head?

I have.

It was because I live somewhere where there is no phone service and I desperatley wanted to text someone and I discovered that the only place in 10 kilometres where service can be found is in a certain spot across the road from my house. The box was to prevent drivers from recognising me (I don't have any neighbours). Hey, I live out in the country, I can get away with these things.

Have you ever not shut a window for fear that when you reached out something from the depths of darkness outside would attack your arm?

I have.

Have you ever been infamous for repetively doing embarrassing head bangers at a dance?

I have.

I was 13, I didn't know how to dance. Whenever I flicked my head back and forward my friends would make a swift exist from the dance floor, yet I kept doing it. Yet another one of those things that leaves me thinking I was a seriously strange person a few years back am so lucky to have friends who still love me regardless of the many embarassments I have subjected them to.

Have you ever looked at your drafts and found a really weird post that you wrote ages ago then decided to post it despite having a funny feeling that it's not the best idea?

I just did.

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