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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Got The Magic In Me

I'm not even marginally magic, never done anything magic in my life, so that title is mis-informing. I just used it 'coz that song is in my head.

 Lovely things that I done to my family as a child:   
  • Put hand soap in my parents toothpaste then hid behind a cupboard and laughed hysterically when bubbles came out of their mouth.
  • Poured bleach on my baby brothers head when I was 3.
  • Gave my brother a hair cut on several occasions.
  • Pushed my little sister over when she was a toddler, ran to the opposite side of the room, then pretended to rush to her aid when my parents came in the room and told them that she had fallen over. This worked fine until the day she learnt to talk. Her first words were "she pushed me"!
  • Took all my brothers clothes off him and threw them up a tree then locked him out of the house 
Sometimes when I'm in peoples' bathrooms, I smell their perfumes. Terrible, I know. It's something I'm trying to stop.
What kind of confession would that be?
Here's a real confession:  
I don't talk much sometimes because my head hurts when I talk too much, not 'coz I don't have anything to say or because I'm shy. 
I've observed that in a lot of conversations, the people who talk a lot are heard but not really listened to. Your more likely to pay attention when a quiet person talks because its not often that you actually get an idea of what it going on in their head. I want to be listened to, not just heard. If you talk a lot of rubbish all the time then soon people will stop listening to you and just hear you or they may even block out your voice entirely and it will just become a background noise to their thoughts. 

How Do You Express Your Anger?  
1. Crying  
2 Sarcasm  
3. Yelling  
4. Silence  
5. Pretend that nothing is wrong  
6. Talk about him/her to other people  
7. Calmly talk directly to him/her  
8. Physically leave the room.
When I am angry I will either go silent, talk directly to the person or use nasty sarcasm.
What do you do when you are angry with someone?


I used to have a fear of bananas. I was terrified of them. I knew that they could not hurt me but simply seeing a banana used to reduce me to tears.


  1. I don't like confrontations so I usually just don't say anything if a stranger makes me angry. I might just give them a look. If it is someone I know I try to tell them why I'm angry. If they just get angry back then I usually just keep quiet because nothing good will come from it. I have a tendency to cry too. Crying for me is a release. I cry when I'm sad, angry, frustrated and happy too.
    It is a rare person who actually listens when people speak. Most people are thinking of what they want to say next. I try to be a good listener too. I must admit I do like to talk! :-)

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