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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cravings (not the sort that pregnant women get)

Two things that I often crave are hugs and D&Ms (deep and meaningful conversations). Neither of these things can be accessed instantly or easily. Both of these things are experiences that I value for their flawlessness, and there ability to make me feel so at peace. However, certain conditions must be in place for these moments to be perfect. A hug has to be at the right time with the right person. You can't just hug a stranger or a colleague.
I love those hugs where you feel enveloped by the persons arms, and you feel so safe. You can fall asleep on your feet, you feel so at peace and the moment it just, perfect.
A D&M is like an exotic bird that occasionally sashays into the conversation amazon. This bird is sought after by many (mostly emotion filled teenage girls), but can only be truly captured by people with the right ingredients.
Ingredients for a D&M:
-2 or more people (no more than 5) whom you trust and are comfortable with.
- a comfy private setting with no distractions (TV, loud music, etc)
- 20mins- several hours. (There's no telling how long it can go for).
- and for best results, a small amount of lighting.
Great scenes for D&Ms are by camp fires, in rooms with the dim lighting, or outside at night. Bright lights tend to scare them away.
A D&M can only be achieved when all these ingredients are in place, but these ingredients must be put together unintentionally. You can't plan a really effective D&M, they just happen.

And so my dear readers, I would like to know what YOU often crave. :)


  1. Oh I like those good kind of hugs too. The kind that make you feel happy and loved. :-)
    I often crave ice cream!
    I don't know if this can be considered a craving, but I often want to go walking.