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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Embarrassment, the essence of life

Embarrassing moments... We all have them, some moments are more embarrassing than others. Some you can laugh about afterwards, some you can't...

I, Jackie, will share some of these precious cringe worthy moments with you.
So, I hope you a mildly amused by these, erm, interesting little incidents.

Embarrassing moments:
- So I was at a party, and I helped myself to some of the potato salad and then I was like 'Mum! This potato salad is disgusting, what did you put in it?', because her potato salad in normally really good. Mum replied, 'That's not my potato salad'. Then I realised that I had just insulted the hostess who had been in ear shot, the genuine maker of the potato salad.
- The time I went swimming in a pair of hand-me-down togs at the age of 10 and had heaps of people pointing and laughing. It all made sense when I realised that there was a large hole in the back of the togs and my bare bottom was visible.

- Telling a kid about something that I over heard the principal say when I was in the staff room one day and being tapped on the shoulder by the Deputy Principal who told me off and took me to the Principal's office to apologise for 'gossiping'.
- Drowning in a swimming carnival because I'm such a terrible swimmer and having to be saved by my Math teacher.
- Having a huge laughing fit in Math one day and not being able to stop even though everyone was staring at me. I ended up being kicked out of the classroom for 'disrupting' the lesson. and even then I couldn't stop.
-The time I secretly took a photo of a guy that I had a crush on. The embarrassing part? When he went through my camera, found the photos and asked me to delete them.
-Having a girl 'accidentally' slip in a rehearsal for a Kung Fu performance for Drama and sit on my face. Everyone watched and laughed as she sat on my face for another minute unable to move because she was laughing so hard. I was wearing a plastic mask thankfully but this created a 'hilarious muffled scream'. This is what my Drama class fondly refer to as the funniest Drama moment ever and they love quoting when I said "It was warm, and dark in there". It was bloody scary, that's all I'm saying.

And, Ladies and Gentlemen, our trip down memory lane is coming to an end, so please re-attach your asses (in reference to that hideous acronym , LMAO (laughing my ass off) that is used far too often amongst teenagers online), wipe away those tears (the tears that I doubt exist because there is nothing funny about these events..),scroll down and read my other posts.

Ciao! :D

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