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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The urge to write

It is 11:38 pm. My parents are sound asleep in there cozy bed in there nicely air conditioned room completely oblivious to the fact that I am on the computer. My parents have the best air conditioner in the house, the one in my room just blows air... it never actually gets the room to a nice comfortable cool temperature!

So, why am I online at this insane hour I hear you ask...or maybe I don't hear you ask that because you don't consider 11:38 pm to be an insane hour...well not many people would I guess.

3:45 am. Now THAT is an insane hour.

I feel like making up a story, I probably won’t finish it, but it should be interesting none the less. Let’s see what my tired brain can come up with...

Are you ready?

From within the darkness of her son's bedroom, she heard it, that laugh. The laugh that makes her stomach somersault and her heart miss a beat, the laugh that she had missed for so long. She brushed her hand past the door frame, flicked on the light switch and tip toed into the room. In the middle of the bed the odd shaped lump of her son was rising and falling slightly. A little tuft of his black hair was vivid against the white doona. She fought not the laugh. Four year olds are so cute; they pull a doona over their head and think that you will never find them.
"Where's Tony? I can't find him anywhere".
Tony's laughter once again tickled her ears and she fought the urge to pull the cover back and hold her son in her arms. As tempting as it was, she didn’t want to spoil the fun. She walked towards the bed then turned and opened the closet. "He's not in the closet...or behind the curtain". Down on her hands and knees she peeked under the bed and saw the same toys that she had seen the night before when she 'couldn't find Tony anywhere'!
The 'search' had almost become a routine to her with Tony running in his room and 'hiding' in his bed every night. She hoped that the day that Tony realised that she was pretending was far, far away. She enjoyed it as much as he did, maybe even more.
"Here are all of Tony's toys, but no Tony"! She exclaimed in mock surprise.
More giggles escaped from the little boy.
“I’ve looked everywhere! Where ever could he be"?!
Right on cue Tony exclaimed "Here I am"! And threw the covers back with a huge grin on his little face.

How's that for midnight writing? ;)

If you thought that that little story start was rubbish then I'd agree with you. Haha. But please, don't leave my blog yet. I'm going to post a better entry after I've had some sleep.

I fear I must now succumb to sleep.
Nite. :)

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