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Monday, December 13, 2010

Math class poem

Below is a poem that I wrote when I was particularly disgusted with humanity. Funnily enough, I wrote it in a math class.
Self-explanatory perhaps?

The reality of the situation is that...
We say we’re trying
But we’re not
We say we’re good people
But we’re not
We say we’re sorry
But we’re not
We say we won’t do it again
But we do
We claim that we care
But we don’t
We claim we know what we’re doing
Ha, could we be so delusional?
We are so hopelessly lost...
Lost in ourselves
Lost in the world
Lost in expectations
Lost in time...
We’re like a flame
Tearing across a fuel soaked rope.
Recklessly going forth,
Feeding off every good thing in our tracks,
Trying to make ourselves feel good
Trying to have fun.
This way of life ends
When we reach the end of the rope

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  1. :) This. Is Mad Shit. I love it Jackie! AMAZING.