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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tinted Glass, Man’s Best Invention

‘From our sun, we receive light rays, heat rays, and ultraviolet rays, and that’s it. All other forms of radiation are filtered by our atmosphere. Of all the rays we are exposed to by the sun, the ultraviolet rays (UV = 3% of the suns total radiation) are the worst for human beings, and is partially responsible for unwanted health conditions.’

Blah blah blah blah, then some wonderful, considerate, thoughtful man/woman (whose name I cannot find in Google) invented

Let’s look at the history of tinted glass. ;)
‘In the beginning...’ What?!

Hem hem, this article isn’t very informative, DATES PLEASE?
‘In the fifties...’

That’s a bit better. :)
‘In the fifties the rise of air conditioning led to the marketing of tinted glass that would absorb and reduce solar gain’.

Then in the nineties, some smart people made a "hybrid" film containing dye to absorb heat and metal to reject the sun's rays. This hybrid design window film often provides 25% greater heat reduction...meaning that...’.
‘...which is helpful to...’
‘ addition....’.
‘blah blah blahhhh’...TINTED GLASS IS AWESOME! :D

Not because it provides 25% greater heat reduction than normal glass...
Not because it filters UV rays that cause unwanted health conditions...


Privacy so that you can make sweet, passionate....

Sandwiches in your kitchen without those nosey neighbours commenting on how much butter you use.

Also as technology has advanced, the US company SAGE Electrochromics have been able to manufacture a special glass that can be made tinted by the press of a button. The amount of sunlight filtered is entirely up to you with the handy, magical tinting control system that is capable of providing up to :
• 40% savings on energy bills
• 20% savings on operating costs
• 24% reduction in peak demand
• 25% decrease in the size of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems.

Yippee! Privacy AND all those savings.

You can own this magical tint control system now* if you call:

1800-CAN-I-HAS-MAGICAL-TINTING-SYSTEM in the next twenty minutes!

*only available to citizens of the US who drive silver McLaren F1s, eat organic food, have a personal assistant and a hair dresser on speed dial.
The McLaren F1 I will buy if
 I win the lottery

Thank you.


  1. Rappers must be especially appreciative of tinted glass since they never leave home without their sunglasses. I wonder if they wear them in church?