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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Palm tree madness!

One of the first poems I ever wrote...

Enjoy. ;)

Palm tree Madness
They say dreams come true,
I certainly hope they don’t.
Reality is a nightmare to me,
my dreams are beyond nightmarish.

If the things of my dreams came true,
the government would have to put a
restraining order on palm trees...

It was the dream I had
the night before last.
The dream I've been having
that never does pass.

The dream always comes
I've noticed,
the same night that Mum watches
her gardening show…

I succumbed my fear after the
fifth episode,
'Palm tree madness',
by searching Dad's shed

Ahah! Found it...


the chain saw squealed as
I brought it to life.

The palm tree stood there
all serene and innocent look...
it knew what was coming.

I could see the sweat
trickling down it’s leaves

As steel made contact with bark,
the screams grew louder...

The screaming stopped.
The palm tree wobbled there
for a second,
in shock.

Then it came CRASHING down
it gave one last pleadingrustle of leaves then was still

Now if my dream comes true,
that is one less palm tree to worry about.

However, there are more palm trees out there.
More than any amount of police officers could
ever restrain!

Please, if you have a palm tree
in your backyard
dispose of it
They say dreams come true
I certainly hope they don't
'cos then they will come for you...

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